How to choose which playlists to listen to this midterm season

Tired of listening to “Uptown Funk” on repeat? Want some new songs to accompany you through your endless hours at Main Stacks? Look no further! After asking a few peers, we at the Clog came up with a compilation of some popular choices of different music genres among UC Berkeley students.

1. Classical

Choose when: you’re writing papers or reading lengthy, complex stuff. What better way to put yourself in the 18th century while reading Wordsworth than by listening to some Beethoven?

UC Berkeley students’ favorites: Mozart, Bach, Tchaikovsky

2. Acoustic covers of songs

Choose when: you want something a little more peaceful and relaxing for your cram sessions. It’s also fun to hear new versions of old favorites.

UC Berkeley students’ favorites: anything Sam Smith or Florence and the Machine

3. Orchestral soundtracks

Choose when: you want the process of doing homework to feel more like an epic battle between good and evil, rather than the mundane struggle it is. Plus, the music without lyrics will help you focus better on your work.

UC Berkeley students’ favorites: “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Harry Potter” and “Avatar” soundtracks

4. “Angry” music: rap, screamo, punk

Choose when: you need something to keep you awake (besides the coffee on which you’ve already overdosed) or make you mad enough to finish those last few physics problems.

UC Berkeley students’ favorites: Eminem, Rage Against the Machine, Atom and His Package

5. Motivational songs

Choose when: you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed. Midterm season gets the best of us sooner or later, but these songs will have you back on your feet in no time!

UC Berkeley students’ favorites: Fitz and the Tantrums, Foster the People, Imagine Dragons

6. Alternative rock/indie

Choose when: you want to feel hip while studying at a cafe (skinny jeans, beanie and obscure novella not included).

UC Berkeley students’ favorites: Coldplay, alt-J, Joywave, Arcade Fire, Cherub

7. A capella songs

Choose when: you want something different to spice up your playlist. Warning: Not singing along to these songs is next to impossible, so it’s best not to listen to this playlist in a library.

UC Berkeley students’ favorites: Pentatonix, Straight No Chaser

Image Sources:Petr Dosek under Creative Commons. 

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