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Snacks for transitioning from midterm season to bikini season

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MARCH 05, 2015

Behold: midterm season. It seems like we were just taking last semester’s finals, and now we’re full force into midterms. You’re ready to indulge in that late-night pizza or mid-day ice cream cookie sandwich, but your brain tells your heart that you must resist because beware — bikini season! It’s almost time for spring break, and you really want that bikini bod. But you still need fuel for late-night studying, and snacks to sneak into the library to keep you alive and sane. We’ll assist you in preserving your mental and physical health with this list of healthy yet satisfying and easy snack ideas!

1. Apples and peanut butter: Green apples, red apples, yellow apples, all apples! Try to get unsalted, no-hydrogenated-oil peanut butter (available at most markets).

2. Banana slices and almond butter: You can freeze peeled bananas, then slather on some almond butter or peanut butter and add some chocolate chips for a delicious, makeshift ice cream treat!

3. DIY trail mix: Pick a couple of types of nuts, a dried fruit, maybe some dark chocolate chips and cheerios — then mix it all up! Bag some for in-between-classes munching or a to-go library snack.

4. Granola: There are delicious granola stations at local markets such as Safeway, Berkeley Bowl and Whole Foods where you can choose to fill up your own granola from a row of differently flavored granola! It’s a guilt-free snack for when you want something crunchy and sweet!

5. Hummus and carrots: Well, who doesn’t love hummus?

6. Strawberries and Nutella: Satisfy your sweet tooth. (Vegan hazelnut butter can be found at Safeway.)

7. Popcorn: Buy some popcorn kernels from any local market, and pop them at home on your stove with toppings of your choice! Makes for a delicious study-break snack.

8. Smoothie: Bottle one up in a mason jar, and sneak it into the library. Pick a liquid base such as regular milk, almond milk, soy milk or coconut water. Add bananas, berries or any fruit of your choice. Then add a spoonful of almond butter for some protein and a spoonful or two of chia seeds or flax seeds. Seal it tight, and carry it in your backpack for when you need a refreshing snack or a quick lunch.

9. Yogurt with fresh fruit and granola: There are dairy-free options at Trader Joe’s, Berkeley Student Food Collective and Whole Foods.

10. Avocado with lemon juice: Avocados will solve all of your problems. Try adding some chili powder for extra-bold flavor!

Image Sources: Krissy Venosdale under Creative Commons

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MARCH 04, 2015