Picks of the Week

The Hechinger Report provides offbeat and necessary insight into the United States educational system. Pieces run the gamut from data-driven analyses and commentaries to op-eds and other contributory articles — all of which focus on education policy and its effects. Though the articles are inherently interesting, they are made even more so by surveying untrekked territories (as opposed to iterating variant views on a popular debate.) Check out this and this for some riveting reads.

— Zoe Kleinfeld


San Francisco’s Chinatown is about to get crazy this weekend, as it will be hosting its 26th annual Chinese New Year Festival & Parade for the celebration of the Lunar New Year. Although the Chinese Community Street Fair will be held both days, the Chinese New Year Parade will only be at 5:15 p.m. Saturday. The parade is one of the only night-illuminated parades in the United States, and the International Festivals and Events Association ranks it among the top 10 parades in the world. Head over to the city this weekend to experience the largest celebration of Asian culture outside of Asia.

— Nicole White


Ludwig Wittgenstein is by most accounts one of the greatest philosophers ever to live. His private language argument, which argues that the idea of a language only understandable by one person is incoherent, is one of the great insights of 20th-century philosophy. And, in my opinion, it’s perhaps the best defense against the troubles of quotidian loneliness. But many students of Wittgenstein didn’t know he was also a elementary teacher. Read more here.

— Curan Mehra