Sunday, study Sunday

Sunday can be a pretty depressing day. You wake up with last night’s makeup smeared on your cheek and pillow, hair a mess and a throbbing headache to the realization that the weekend has flown by and you have started none of the things that you have to finish this weekend. Sadly, this list of things is rarely finished — or at least, not promptly. The following are some tips to get things done.

Set an alarm.


Set an alarm for a realistic time to get up so that you can start your day before 3 p.m. Likely, you’ll hit snooze and be groggy for a while after — but hey, small steps are better than no steps!

Go to your favorite cafe and stay there.


Post up at Strada and eat all of your meals there until you finish all of the things you need to do. Being in an environment where everyone else is working will motivate you to work. Added bonus: All of your meals can be pastries!

Set assigned times for study breaks.


Force yourself to focus for set intervals of time, then go crazy for 15 minutes. (By “go crazy,” we of course mean check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.)

Don’t go on Netflix


That’s all. Just don’t go on Netflix.

Pick appropriate study snacks

You know that you’re not going to be productive if you’re trying to eat pad thai while doing your reading. Don’t do that. Try something like popcorn or Girl Scout cookies for some more energy.

Have fun with it!

lebowski dancing

We know this may seem impossible, but try to make your homework a little bit more fun. This can mean dancing a little bit in your seat to your favorite tunes while doing Math 1A problems. Maybe write your notes with a fun-colored pen! The world is your oyster, and there are so many ways to make your homework less dull.

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