We’re in love with the coco(nut) oil

Meal Makeover Moms/Creative Commons

Coconut oil is a wonderful, versatile food/hair product/lotion/anything else you want must-have staple. We’re sure for many this is old news. For those who have yet to discover the wonders of coconut oil, however, there is good news: It’s not too late to hop on the bandwagon!  Listed below are some of the wonderful uses of coconut oil, just to get you novices started.

  1. Use coconut oil in your cooking to replace oil or butter.

Coconut oil offers a great alternative to other fattier oils during cooking. You can use it to replace butter to satisfy those vegan friends you are inviting to your dinner party or use it in your cookies to make them “healthy” and therefore a guilt-free snack! You can even use it to make your own magic chocolate shell (saving you some money too).

  1.  Coconut oil (when done correctly) can make your hair super soft and healthy.

Take a little coconut oil, and when we say a little, we mean a little. Melt it either in the microwave or in between your hands, and work it into the ends of your hair.  Be sure not to put too much, as you most definitely do not want to look greasy (unless you’re into that and then by all means, go for it). Boys, we heard that it’s great for your man bun. Another perk to this method — you smell like coconut (natural perfume).

  1.  Slather it on your body and you have yourself a natural lotion.

The beauty of coconut oil is that it is all natural and can be worked into your skin really well.  Coconut oil works great as a lotion and, unlike many store bought lotions, does not make your skin super oily. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and smelling nice!

There are plenty of other wonderful ways to use coconut oil in your daily life, and that is why a purchase of coconut oil (although it may seem a bit pricey) is well worth the investment.  One jar lasts you a surprisingly long time.  So for those of you who haven’t tried it out yet, take the 51B to Trader Joe’s and get yourself a jar.

Image source: Meal Makeover Moms

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