56-year-old male is victim of robbery near Cafe Milano

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A man was the victim of a robbery Monday morning near Cafe Milano on the 2500 block of Bancroft Way.

According to a UCPD crime alert released Tuesday afternoon, a 56-year-old male was standing next to his car on the 2500 block of Bancroft Way, in front of Cafe Milano, when he placed his cellphone and his wallet on the top of his car.

The suspect walked up to the car and allegedly grabbed the victim’s wallet and phone before the victim and the suspect struggled briefly for the items. The victim was not injured during the physical altercation.

Eventually, the suspect allegedly left the area with the victim’s cellphone and cash from the victim’s wallet. The victim walked into the UCPD office located in Sproul Hall at approximately 8:28 a.m. on Monday to report the incident. UCPD searched the area but could not find the suspect.

According to the alert, the suspect is described as a white male between 60 and 70 years old with short hair.

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