Debunking the thought processes behind choosing Instagram filters

With so many Instagram filters to choose from, we often wonder, “Why do some people always seem to choose the same ones? Is it because they know that black and white will make them look mysterious? Or that Lo-Fi really brings out the cheekbones?” We at the Clog have decided to reveal college students’ thought processes behind choosing the most common Instagram filters.

Mayfair: This effect is used for those who want to be a little more serious. It darkens the photo, making even a lone jar appear infinitely more hipster.


Rise: Commonly used by those who want to appear #flawless when they just wake up, this subtle effect washes out some of the color, getting rid of those under-eye bags.

Morrissa Berman

X-Pro II: This is for those who want to appear more artistic than they actually are. People who use this filter might also use hashtags, but sparingly. For example, in the photo below, they would want to keep it classy with a simple #masonjar and an ironic #hipster.

Morrissa Berman

Lo-Fi: This filter can turn anyone into a professional photographer. Photos with this filter are certain to catch the eye (and the double taps) of followers.


Inkwell: Known in simpler times as black and white, this filter is normally used for more serious posts. Selfies somehow lose their obnoxious quality when viewed in black and white.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but an Instagram post is worth however many likes you get. So get posting, and get some followers.

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