More than 3.14 ways to celebrate Pi Day

Dennis Wilkinson/Creative Commons

Because it’s 2015 (if you’re into numbers), this could be the most special Pi Day you will ever live through. On Saturday at exactly 9:26.53 (both in the morning and at night), be sure you’re celebrating in some way. Not exactly sure what to do? We at the Clog have your back with these ideas.

  1. Eat some form of pie for every meal: We aren’t nutritional science majors, but we’re pretty sure you can have a nutritious day eating various types of pie. Pizza has vegetables … sometimes. Apple pie has fruit. Want protein? Eat some shepherd’s pie.
  2. Free admission to the Exploratorium: There are both pi- and pie-themed activities throughout the day, including lectures, film screenings and actual pie!
  3. Make your own pie: If you’re feeling creative, try to bake one of the best pies of all time. Vegan? Don’t worry — you can still celebrate by following some of these recipe ideas.
  4. “Ask a Scientist” Pi Day Puzzle Party: Get your friends together and form a team to show off how smart you are. Maybe there will even be people from Stanford there whom you can beat!
  5. Go for a run: To compensate for all the pie you’ll eat, you should probably exercise — and, to keep in the spirit of the holiday, plan the route of your run to be a perfect circle.

Image Source: Dennis Wilkinson under Creative Commons 

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A previous version of this article stated that the time to celebrate Pi Day would be 9:56.23. In fact, the time would be 9:26:53.