ASUC Elections Council finishes certifications of parties, candidates

The ASUC Elections Council discussed certification of remaining parties and candidates for the upcoming spring elections at its Monday meeting.

During the meeting, the council finished certifying candidate names and parties and discussed preparations for a mandatory meeting for candidates to be held Tuesday. The council certified certain parties and candidates — including the Student Action party and candidates from the Defend Affirmative Action, CalSERVE and SQUELCH! parties — that were tabled during the council’s last meeting Friday because of missing registration forms.

The Apathy Party and the Independent Party were not certified, according to an ASUC list of certified candidates and parties. The council found that the Independent Party’s name did not comply with ASUC bylaws.

Sander Lutz, who filed to run for ASUC Senate under the Apathy Party, was also not certified, according to the list. Nicolas Jaber, who had filed to run for president with the Independent Party, was certified as an independent candidate.

Those certified as independent candidates include Jay Walker, who filed to run as academic affairs vice president, and Juan Nava, Eric Zhevel, Sumayyah Din, Cuahuctemoc Salinas and Matt Holtzer, who filed to run for senate.

The council also addressed concerns about the SQUELCH! party’s satirical executive slate. Candidate Yevgeniya “Bobert J. Rirgeneau” Sosnovskaya had her middle name rejected due to its obvious affiliation with former chancellor Robert Birgeneau. Sosnovskaya is running for AAVP as Birgeneau, reportedly disguised as a student in order to resume power again as chancellor.

ASUC bylaws state, nevertheless, that candidates running for office cannot, in their names, reference any student, faculty member, staff member or organization of UC Berkeley without presenting the expressed permission of that person or organization in writing to the Elections Council.

The council decided that Sosnovskaya’s middle name will henceforth be omitted from the ballot unless she obtains permission from Birgeneau to use the satirical version of his name.

According to ASUC Attorney General Natalja Karniouchina, Jake “the First” Fineman — also a SQUELCH! candidate — has been met with complaints for allegedly claiming false endorsements. Fineman is running for ASUC president as a monarch who wants to establish a feudal system in place of the current senate. He was nonetheless approved by the council, along with other members from his party.

To be eligible for election, candidates must attend a meeting Tuesday, where information for election procedures will be given. Other items to be approved by the council include the form of ballots, the finalization of a computer voting system and procedures for polling.

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