2 candidates disqualified, 1 announces candidacy at ASUC candidates meeting Tuesday

Ariel Hayat/Senior Staff

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Two potential ASUC candidates were disqualified and an independent executive candidate emerged at a mandatory meeting for candidates Tuesday night.

The ASUC Elections Council held the meeting to discuss campaign rules and procedures. In contrast to last year, roll was called three times throughout the meeting to ensure that no absences were missed, according to council chair Jenny Chien.

The council disqualified Juan Nava and Lia Johnson, who had both filed to run for senate, for not attending the meeting. Currently, 59 candidates and six parties are certified to run.

These include six candidates for president and a total of 17 running for executive officer positions. Seven of the candidates are independents, and one, freshman presidential candidate Pranay Kumar Chaurasia, is from BASED., a newly formed party.

At the meeting, some alterations were made to parties and ballot names. Nicolas Jaber could have run under the Golden Bear party but is officially an independent candidate after Tuesday’s meeting, according to Chien. The elections council rejected his original party name, the Independent Party, for violating ASUC bylaws.

Yevgeniya Sosnovskaya, the SQUELCH! party’s satirical academic affairs vice president candidate, switched the middle name on her ballot from “Bobert J. Rirgeneau,” to “BobbyRPartyR.” The council had found her original name to not comply with ASUC bylaws, because it referenced former chancellor Robert Birgeneau without his permission.

Additionally, UC Berkeley junior Jay Walker — who had not yet officially announced his campaign — solidified his independent candidacy for AAVP.

Walker hopes to institute a textbook tax rebate program, develop an advising structure between students and faculty and clarify course descriptions, citing an instance when he enrolled in a class and felt misled when his experience didn’t match the course description.

He cited the importance of working closely with campus administration, noting his philosophy that “you can get more with sugar than you can get with salt.” Walker formerly served as the student body president of San Diego Mesa College.

The Apathy Party, under which Ben Giller attempted to file to run for senate, did not properly submit papers and was thus disqualified from the election. But according to Sander Lutz, who described himself as Giller’s spokesperson and roommate, the party may or may not still campaign.

“We’re not going to be flyering or screaming on Sproul,” Lutz said. “If you’re someone who doesn’t care, you might be getting frozen yogurt. You might be in the bathroom at FSM … You could be chasing squirrels on campus. Those are the kinds of people … we’re going to try to target.”

The 2015-16 ASUC general elections will take place April 7, 8 and 9.

Staff writer Sonja Hutson contributed to this report.

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