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ASUC Senate confirms next year's chief financial, communications officers

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MARCH 19, 2015

The ASUC Senate voted unanimously to confirm the appointment of next year’s chief financial officer and chief communications officer at its weekly meeting Wednesday.

Tony Do and Chloe Majdipour were respectively confirmed as CFO and chief communications officer by the senate. Their confirmations complete next year’s slate of chief appointed officers in the ASUC, avoiding a scenario seen in the previous two years, where appointments were not confirmed by the start of the fall term and the ASUC had to take action to avoid government shutdowns. At last week’s senate meeting, Alek Klimek and Shoujit Banerjee were appointed as next year’s attorney general and chief accountability officer, respectively.

The senate’s standing committee on finance was responsible for Do and Majdipour’s nominations. SQUELCH! Senator Madison Gordon, who sits on the senate’s finance committee, said Do and Majdipour’s prior experience was a deciding factor for her. Do currently works in the office of Executive Vice President Justin Kong, and Majdipour has worked in current chief communications officer Joe Wilson’s office since last spring.

Gordon said this was especially relevant this year, with the opening of Lower Sproul and a potential increase to the ASUC budget if the B.L.U.E referendum passes. She added that there were no concerns of partisanship with regard to either Do or Majdipour, as both appointees are independent.

“We were just so lucky that the candidates that were the best for their job weren’t attached to any parties,” Gordon said.

The ASUC’s CFO is responsible for all fiscal matters pertaining to the ASUC, including the implementation of the annual budget. Dennis Lee, current ASUC CFO, said in an email that Do would be “a great replacement,” adding that he was confident Do, a transfer student, would “lead ASUC to stay on the safe side in terms of finances.”

Majdipour’s responsibilities as chief communications officer will include supervising the ASUC’s marketing and public relations. She noted that publicizing the new Student Union building will be a challenge for her staff, but one she said would be addressed through dissemination of information. In addition to current projects, including the placement of ASUC bulletin boards in campus buildings, Majdipour said she hopes to increase student outreach through social media next semester.

“We’re a nonbiased source of relevant information, so we’re hoping to get more people to like our Facebook and Instagram pages,” Majdipour said.

Do and Majdipour will be taking office along with the attorney general, chief accountability officer and the newly elected ASUC executive officers May 26.

The 2015-16 ASUC general elections will take place April 7, 8 and 9.

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MARCH 20, 2015