Fashion Fridays: A little inspiration

Let’s face it, this week wasn’t easy – torn between the dreadfulness of midterms and the sweet promise of Spring break, we all needed a little inspiration to get through the last few days. Around campus, students could be found dressed to brighten the spirits of themselves and others. Some chose to dress in comfort, whereas others opted to express themselves through color and creativity. Here are some of those students who put a smile on our face.

Vanessa Wilder

Week 1-8

Vanessa: “I need to inspire myself this week! I believe that if you look on point, your midterms will be on point.”

Week 1-9

Vanessa: “When I get dressed, I try to have at least one unique piece, and I suppose today that’s my polar bear cardigan. Disclaimer – it’s not made of real polar bears.”


Justin, Emma, and Scott Bradford

Week 1-1

Siblings on St. Patrick’s day


Ghassan Makhoul

Week 1-2

Ghassan: “I was going for more of a preppy look today. I try to dress up on Wednesdays because I teach a decal.”

DC: “What is it?”

Ghassan: “A Kanye West Decal.”


Ngi Pui Leung

Week 1-3

Ngi Pui poses outside of Doe in polka-dot high top sneakers and cuffed overalls with a sky blue balloon.



Week 1-4

Savannah stands by North Gate in a zippered pencil skirt and crop top. Her green eyeliner, bleached hair and filigree septum ring look edgy but feminine.


Cynthia Huang

Week 1-7

DC: “What would you say your style is?”

Cynthia: “Comfy and boho.


Serene LoBue-Deshairs and Jake Souiffer 

Week 1-5

Serene: “I try to go for nerdy witch, and look as gay as possible. So yeah. Gay, nerdy witch.”

Week 1-6