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MARCH 25, 2015

It’s the weekend, and you need to get food. You most likely do not want to go alone, but you’ve already texted all of your friends, and they already have plans. So you make the trek out of your house and to a restaurant — but which one? Below are the some of the best places to eat alone in Berkeley.

Top Dog

The Top Dog on Durant Avenue is best for to-go meals. But if you want a treat-yourself night and feel like walking all the way down to Center Street, then Top Dog can surely make for a wonderful meal. And if you find yourself all the way down by Shattuck Avenue anyway, you might as well make a stop at Purple Kow for dessert.


Sliver is good if you want a slightly fancier although still very casual night. Its pizza is absolutely delicious, and no matter the flavor of the day, you will never be disappointed. The atmosphere is perfect for groups or for individuals, so you’ll fit in!


This is a classic. Chances are, if you go to Chipotle, you will most likely find your friend, because everyone goes to Chipotle — always.

Caffe Strada

This is not necessarily for dinner, but it is great for studying. Bring your beautiful self and your computer, headphones and sunglasses if you want to be hipster; get yourself a coffee; and enjoy!

International House Cafe (I-House)

Similar to Strada, this is a great cafe at which to study. I-House has great burgers and offers food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Find yourself a table and enjoy some alone time!

I.B.’s Hoagies (to-go)

This is not a great place to dine in, but we included it because it’s delicious and everyone should try it. The people are super nice, and its regular cheesesteaks are delicious (as is all of its other food) — definitely worth getting to-go and enjoying by yourself while watching TV.

Gordo Taqueria

If you are looking for another burrito, but with a slightly better seating layout than Chipotle, make your way over to Gordo’s. The food is served quickly, and you get a lot of it.

Fat Slice

Fat Slice is perfect for eating alone. There is “hidden” seating in the back, so get your pizza and take it to the back of the restaurant to enjoy. You could always just get a single pizza and take it home to eat while watching Netflix.

 KoJa Kitchen

KoJa Kitchen serves some interesting food (those fries!), so if you are feeling a bit adventurous, try out this restaurant for your night out. Plus, the large windows are great for people-watching.


If you like sushi and you like saving money, then this is the place for you. It is a bit farther away from main campus but well worth the 51B bus drive. It’s a small restaurant and perfect for either small groups or enjoying your food solo while sitting at the sushi bar and watching your sushi being prepared. We highly suggest the deep-fried California roll.

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MARCH 22, 2015