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Quantum of solace: The Berkeley Rose Garden

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MARCH 25, 2015

No matter how much we love it here at UC Berkeley, we all need a break every now and again. Whether due to the impending spring break and the culmination of midterms, we find ourselves anxiously clawing to break out of that UC Berkeley bubble now more than ever. But where shall we go once we escape? Often overlooked by UC Berkeley students, the city of Berkeley houses numerous peaceful and serene spots that serve as an excellent haven for overwhelmed students.

The Berkeley Rose Garden is just one such spot. Located on Euclid just north of Northside, the garden houses more than 200 varieties of roses in addition to holding a stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We at the Clog love to come here to relax among the sweetly scented roses and people-watch. There always seems to be somebody reading a book on one of the picturesque benches, a Berkeley family going for a walk and dogs scampering majestically. This refreshing backdrop nicely opposes the constant buzz of frantic college students we just can’t seem to escape on campus.

Not only does the Berkeley Rose Garden prove an excellent sanctuary for us when school nearly gets the best of us, but it also has a rich and beautiful history that mirrors its extrinsic charm. According to the city of Berkeley’s website, the gardens opened in September of 1937, one of the first “civil works progress projects” built under the WPA. Traditionally, the garden has been maintained by various gardening societies. Today, Friends of the Rose Garden plays a huge role in maintaining the garden.

So grab a book and get your butt off campus! Come enjoy the lovely Berkeley Rose Garden and let your burdens melt away. The roses can be seen in full bloom from mid-April through the summer, just in time for our smooth-sailing end to a hectic semester!



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MARCH 23, 2015