15 excuses for not texting back

Responding to everyone’s texts is hard. Sometimes you legitimately forget, but other times you just don’t want to respond. Whether you’ve ignored your roommate, the overzealous member of your group project who’s already sending group texts about the assignment that’s due a month from now, your family (though we do commend you for not drunk texting your grandma), your hookup from last year or the random person who bought you drinks at Kip’s last weekend, don’t worry if you’re ever called out for not responding.  While it’s okay to think, “Sorry, not sorry I didn’t respond,” it’s probably not the best idea to actually say that. So if you’re ever awkwardly confronted about an unanswered text, try using one of the Clog’s well-crafted excuses while making a fake guilty and apologetic face.

1. I was too busy Snap-chatting.

2.  I crafted a perfect response … but I never hit send.

3.  I was too busy trying to get UC Berkeley to share my Instagram #BerkeleyPOV.

4. I was taking a midterm.

5.  Actually, I was studying for that midterm.

6. Netflix is more important than your text right now, sorry.

7. My phone got wet and is currently chilling in a bag of rice.

8. It’s 11:50 p.m. and my assignment needs to be uploaded by 11:59 p.m.

9. I was too drunk.

10. Now, I’m too hungover.

11. Your text was only emojis, which didn’t give me much to respond to.

12. Your text didn’t contain any emojis. #lame

13. I was too busy trying to take pictures to get featured on Berkeley Squirrels.

14. I was working on my fitness at the RSF.

15. I was in Main Stacks and didn’t have service.


Image Source: heloukee under Creative Commons

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