An ode to warm days in Berkeley

Warm days in Berkeley are different. It’s like being in a totally different place. There is almost a sense of bliss in the air as you wake up with the sun shining into your bedroom (and perhaps into your eyes) instead of the usual fog and cold air. The air feels brisk yet warm, helping you seize the day with a positive attitude. It is a rather lovely feeling.

You can finally sit at Caffe Strada past 4 p.m. without a jacket. You can wear the dresses, shorts, skirts and tanks that are stored away in the back of your closet. You can finally have froyo without simultaneously chattering your teeth.

It’s so lovely with the birds chirping and the sun shining. People are out and laying on the grass; Memorial Glade is packed with shirtless frisbee players and girls getting their tan on. Everyone seems to be out and enjoying the weather. Some will be emerged in homework as they lay out. Others may be napping in the warm air. Lunch dates become picnics on the glade. There is a sense of sweetness in the air as you sip on an iced tea and enjoy a juicy peach, perhaps while enjoying a good book or some Netflix as you lay — lay there Memorial Glade-ing.

Perhaps the fact that you are going to sweat anyway will get you in the mood to go for a run or play soccer with friends. Maybe you’ll decide to go for a swim at the Strawberry Canyon pool. You can even go for a hike or have a nice picnic lunch. Enjoy a smoothie while you read your book outside. Soak up the heat for it will probably last no longer than the day.

Windows are open, the day feels long and the warmth seems to put everyone in a good mood. It feels like summer. It feels carefree even though there are a thousand things on your mind and on your to-do list. No matter how much work one has to be done, if you are sitting outside in the sweet, hot air, life doesn’t seem too bad.

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