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The 5 kinds of Instagrams you see during midterm season

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MARCH 31, 2015

It seems to be a consistent pattern — whenever midterm season rolls around, our Instagram feeds are flooded with images of students venting to the world about how the studying is getting to them. After analyzing our feed, we at the Clog would like to highlight five main types of Instagrams we’ve seen during this troubling time.

1. The “I hate my life” Instagram

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Sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking, this Instagram is a method in which the Instagrammer publicly agonizes about his or her monolithic workload. It can take the form of a selfie, in which the subject is comically exaggerating an expression of anguish, or it can be a stack of books and assignments, which serves to drive empathy and pity into the viewers’ own hearts. The caption draws attention to how insurmountable the Instagrammer’s task ahead is. Put simply: “I hate my life.”

2. The “studying in style” Instagram

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This Instagram usually features an extremely artistic image that highlights the Instagrammer’s creative sensibilities. Oozing in style, this Instagram is usually a brightly lit shot of a trendy workspace or a perfectly swirled mug of coffee. The caption draws attention to the Instagrammer’s cool, aloof attitude and usually reads something like “studying isn’t all bad” or “midterm season.” One thing’s for sure — this shot definitely shows off the Instagrammer’s *aesthetic.*

3. The “I’ve given up” Instagram

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Netflix is usually the star of this Instagram, which showcases the Instagrammer’s diminishing will to subject himself or herself to any further self-inflicted torture. This Instagrammer has come to the point in his or her study routine in which all the determination has been drained from his or her body. Generally posted at around 3 a.m. or later, this Instagram is captioned with something that indicates the loss of hope, such as “No more!” or the simple but effective “YOLO.”

4. The “study date” Instagram

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This Instagram takes two forms: actual studying or group procrastination. In the case of actual studying, the image is usually shot in the dark confines of the library and features the Instagrammer’s friends sitting with books sprawled across the table in front of them, looking harried and overworked, and throwing up a peace sign or middle finger for good measure. The group procrastination shot centers in on the Instagrammer and his or her friends positioned around a table of books and snacks, looking energetic and flashing smiles. “About to study!” it is captioned. Oh, really? We wouldn’t be surprised to find the subjects having a movie night or going out for frozen yogurt not 10 minutes after posting the image.

5. The “study time, turn up” Instagram

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.08.32 PM

This Instagram attempts to take the mentally grueling task of cramming for exams and tries to make it not so. This might be by artfully placing a glass of wine by a stack of textbooks, or it might be by setting up a row of shots next to it. Either way, we know that the Instagrammer will not be doing very much learning tonight.


Image sources: Maarten, modified from Logan Ingallsjen collinsLucero KrakenAlexmiguel under Creative Commons, 

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MARCH 30, 2015