PSA: Bowles Hall becoming something more than residence hall

John Morgan/Creative Commons

Last night, the UC Board of Regents made a shocking yet magical announcement: Bowles Hall is scheduled to reopen this fall, not as a residence hall, but as the new UC Hogwarts. A university spokesperson said that during a press conference next week, the headmaster or headmistress will be announced. An undisclosed source told the Clog that UC President Napolitano herself was vying for the position.

A top campus administrator said he was thrilled for the newest UC campus’s location and proximity to UC Berkeley.

“The unique curriculum offered at UC Hogwarts will give students a special set of tools to address global conflicts,” he said.

There will be an opportunity for a select number of current UC Berkeley students to dual enroll at UC Hogwarts, and also an opportunity for a large number of UC Berkeley students to take elective courses there that could be used to fulfill breadth requirements. Enrollment in these classes will still begin on the first day of Tele-BEARS Phase I. UC Berkeley students will be placed on a waitlist, which will be processed magically. Certain classes offered by the UC Hogwarts Potions and Herbology departments can be used to fulfill the biological sciences breadth, while a Defense against the Dark Arts class can fulfill the philosophy and values breadth requirement. For a complete listing of classes, please see the College of Letters and Science homepage, or talk to your major adviser.

The campus also announced the creation of the Isaac Bonewitts Scholarship to help cover academic costs for students who will dual enroll in UC Hogwarts and UC Berkeley, in honor of a distinguished alumnus who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in magic from UC Berkeley in 1970.

Additionally, UC Berkeley and UC Hogwarts will share facilities, such as the Greek Theater and Memorial Stadium. The Cal football team will now have to share Memorial Stadium with UC Hogwarts’ Quidditch team. UC Hogwarts’ inaugural sorting ceremony is scheduled for Sept. 1 and will be held in the Greek Theater. Also, the Herbology department will share land used by the UC Berkeley Student Organic Garden Association.

Did we fool you?

Happy April Fools’ Day from the Clog!

Image Source: John Morgan under Creative Commons

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