ASUC Elections Council approves 3 temporary rules for ASUC bylaws

Alvin Wu/File

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During its meeting Friday, the ASUC Elections Council unanimously approved three temporary rules for the ASUC election bylaws, including a requirement that candidates participate in cleanups after elections.

Candidates in this year’s elections will be required to attend either the official cleanup day, taking place the Saturday after elections, or a predetermined makeup day to remove campaign material left on and off campus. Referendum sponsors and party signatories will also be required to attend, but they may have designated proxies represent them if the sponsor or signatory cannot attend.

Two of the temporary rules are in response to a discrepancy in the bylaws, a contradiction implying that candidates both can and cannot have proxies attend for them. Because makeup days are not addressed in the bylaws, the council voted on passing the temporary rule.

Noting last year’s “leniency” regarding mandatory cleanup, Elections Council chair Jenny Chien said it is important that candidates show up themselves rather than have someone do “the dirty work for them.”

“Having a makeup day is better than having candidates have a proxy, especially when the candidate is the one running,” Chien said. “They should clean up their own messes.”

Additionally, the council clarified its operating procedure for candidate violations and warnings. While there have been no campaign violations filed as of Friday, inquires have been made, according to ASUC Attorney General Natalja Karniouchina.

Karniouchina said one candidate was alleged to have posted a photo that seemed to imply endorsements from the campus and also to have promoted her party on the Educational Opportunity Program’s Facebook page.

The third temporary rule clarifies that assessment of sanctions for bylaw violations by a proponent or opponent of a proposition, including potential disqualification of official status, is subject to the discretion of the ASUC Judicial Council.

“In the past, there’s been (questions about) if there’s fairness in the elections council, and we want to treat all parties equally,” Chien said. “We’re giving warnings … in a way that’s equal to all parties, candidates and referendums.”

According to ASUC bylaws, temporary rules take effect only after majority approval by the ASUC Judicial Council, with at least three members present. Temporary rules also apply only to the academic year in which they were created.

The elections council also discussed a motion to extend the 24-hour period after candidates and parties disseminate campaign material, during which they must submit campaign expenditure forms. One party believed it was too short of a time for larger parties to submit their forms, especially if they assigned only one individual to file the form, said Chief Elections Auditor Tina Uh.

According to Uh, the ASUC elections auditors said that it is the party’s responsibility regardless and that candidates are supposed to file expenditures on their own. Ultimately, the elections council unanimously voted down the motion.

The 2015-16 ASUC elections will take place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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