Power outage lasting about 2 hours affects law school, southeast campus

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Several buildings on the southeast corner of campus were affected by a power outage Monday afternoon that lasted about two hours.

According to Christine Shaff, communications director for the campus real estate division, the power went out about 3 p.m. in UC Berkeley School of Law buildings, Wurster Hall, Calvin Laboratory, all houses on Piedmont Avenue, the Simpson Student-Athlete High Performance Center and the archaeology facility located at 2241 College Ave.

As of a short amount of time after 5 p.m., power had been restored to all affected areas except the law school and the archaeology facility, Shaff said. Campus maintenance does not yet know the cause of the outage but believes it originated somewhere within the law school, she said.

A fire alarm went off about 6 p.m. in Wurster Hall, according to Berkeley Fire Department Deputy Chief Avery Webb. The fire department sent an engine truck and a ladder truck, and campus electricians were also on scene to investigate.

Firefighters were told that a smoke detector near one of the elevators had been activated. They found no issues, however, and left the scene after resetting the system, Webb said. The two fire trucks left the southeast edge of campus about 6:25 p.m.

According to Shaff, campus maintenance usually needs to reset alarms after power outages. She could not confirm, however, if the two incidents were related.

It is common for fire alarms to go off after power outages, Webb said. But the dispatch to the fire department did not include information about a power outage, so the fire department did not investigate the connection between the two incidents, he said.

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