2015 ASUC election endorsements

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To vote in the 2015-16 ASUC general elections on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, click here.

With the culmination of two years of construction, Lower Sproul Plaza will reopen this fall, epitomizing the colossal goals the ASUC can achieve when its members work collaboratively to realize a vision. We hope this next class of ASUC executives and senators, the first to move back into Lower Sproul, continues to work to enact long-term and productive change that will better the campus community.

With all positions contested — some satirically — in this year’s election, we have seen a broad diversity of approaches to solving some of the most pressing issues facing students today: improving campus climate, addressing mental health and the student experience, and dealing with the increasing costs of attending UC Berkeley.

In contrast to the fruitful discourse surrounding the candidates, not a single person or organization filed in opposition to any of the five propositions, three of which plan to increase student fees. We wish students had been given the opportunity to critically hear the pros and cons of the propositions throughout the campaign period, similarly to how they were exposed to candidates’ varying ideas.

In discussing our endorsements, we considered both the candidates’ platforms and how successful they have been in effecting change in the past. The Daily Californian held an election forum open to all students, and its Senior Editorial Board interviewed candidates for the offices of president, executive vice president, external affairs vice president, academic affairs vice president and student advocate, as well as students speaking on behalf of the referendums and the amendment to the ASUC Constitution.

What the ASUC addresses next year is ultimately up to you, the students. Now is your chance to make your voices heard and move the campus forward.