How to avoid campaigners on your walk to class

Michael Drummond/File

It’s campaign season. That means friend requests from random people, impersonal Facebook messages, awkward walks to class and even more flyers. Here are some tips for how to avoid just a few of these things.

  1. Walk in groups.

There is power in numbers. You will find that when you walk in groups through Sproul, even in groups of three, you will be much less likely to be approached (especially if you are clearly immersed in a deep conversation).

  1. Have excuses ready.

If you find that you do not have a group to walk with, be sure to have a list of go-to excuses you can whip out to use. Someone will likely ask to walk you to class and you want to be prepared. For example, “Do you mind if I walk you to class?” Your response? “I was told not to talk to strangers,” or even better, “Stay back, you’re not my friend.” If you want to have some fun, however, take their walk if you need the company to a class in, say, Mulford.

  1. Answer questions with a question.

Here, you will not only confuse them, but you will have a little fun. Play this game with any unsuspecting candidate, and you will surely turn them away before you even get a chance to turn them down. “Do you have a second?” “Do you have a second?” They won’t know what hit them.

  1. Pretend you are a candidate.

This is another game you get to play during campaign season. If anyone approaches you, just tell them you are also running. Chances are they will wish you the best of luck!

  1. Avoid Sproul.

This is probably the most obvious and useful tip. Take a side route to class the next few days. You not only get a nice leg workout, but you avoid having to talk to people, something you probably wanted to do anyway.

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