Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ house and 5 other campus date ideas

Christina Fossum/Staff

Here in Berkeley, we are not only blessed with lovely weather and incredible views, but also with a jaw-dropping campus! This center for higher education we speak of, of course, is our very own UC Berkeley. And what better place to celebrate love than here at school? Intrigued but still a little unsure? Read on, and enjoy this brief list of some of the Clog’s favorite enchanting campus locales.

1. Sipping a dirty chai at the doorstep of Chancellor Nicholas Dirks

There are few places on campus quite as serene as the grounds surrounding University House. Perhaps this is because it is indeed a house — and the only residence on campus! In fact, this fine abode, which used to be the home of the president of the University of California, now houses UC Berkeley’s chancellor. So long as you don’t frighten the guards by getting too close or, worse yet, catch a glimpse of Dirks lifting weights in the window, this campus gem is the perfect backdrop for a lovely date. Come early to watch the sun come up while indulging in a chai latte with your sweetheart.

2. A run-in at office hours

Whether you are genuinely interested in your professor’s extensive research in applied math, or you just want to secure a letter of recommendation before summer-internship applications are due, office hours are a great time and place to date! Linger long and often enough, and you’re bound to run into at least a couple of classmates. Who knows, perhaps seeing one in a musty and professorial lounge will kick your relationship in a new direction. Or if you’re in a (perhaps rocky) relationship, hit up your significant other to meet you in office hours! Professors’ offices have wonderful vibes and great acoustics. Besides, having a romantic conversation in the presence of your psychology professor basically constitutes a free therapy session!

3. Skipping through a desolate Sproul

We at the Clog occasionally find ourselves setting foot on campus when we don’t even have classes. Well, if you aren’t already a campus weekender, we highly recommend giving this strange habit a whirl! While the emptiness of Sproul Plaza on a Sunday afternoon may scare the crap out of us, being able to make it from Bancroft Way to Sather Gate without body-checking another human is quite restorative. Bring your man or woman or nonbinary partner here for some Sather selfies and unsettlingly few people.

4. A romantic evening spent studying in Main Stacks

Just because it’s a date doesn’t mean you can’t still do work! Even if you aren’t the wine-and-roses type and really can’t give up your Saturday night date with your homework, you, too, can have a pleasant evening. Ask your date to join you in the library just this once! This is a great way to spend time with each other without actually having to interact. Here at the Clog, we call this “parallel playing,” and it is a fantastic way to incorporate both productivity and human contact.

5. The Cold Temperature Laboratory (for when things get a little too hot)

It’s okay — we’ve all been there! Those jitters leave even the best of us sweaty-palmed and antsy. So what better place to quell your prolific perspiration while sticking with the whole “cool date on campus” theme than in an extremely cold room? Well, we don’t know about that, but UC Berkeley does have its very own Low Temperature Laboratory. Located in Giauque Hall, directly beneath the chemistry courtyard, this lab was originally purposed for research dealing with substances at, you guessed it, low temperatures!

6. Hand holding on the Student Learning Center patio

Ahh, nothing captures the beauty of young love quite like construction. Bask in the glow of a West Coast sunset on the Student Learning Center patio. Daydream of diggers. Watch your tuition money be put to use building the spiffy new Lower Sproul Plaza. The opportunities for this date are endless … almost as endless as the amount of construction dust you’ll inhale.

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