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Happy National Siblings Day! Which famous sibling characters are you?

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APRIL 10, 2015

Happy National Siblings Day! Siblings are the friends you didn’t get to choose. Because you’re stuck with them, you have to love them — or at least try. There are a lot of different kinds of relationships people have with their siblings. Are they the Loki to your Thor? The Monica to your Ross? Are you the Weasley family? Find out which famous sibling characters your family best relates to!


  1. How many siblings do you have?
    1. Way too many
    2. Not too many, but they’ve all got a lot of personality
    3. Do friends count?
    4. Just one, but he’s/she’s a handful
    5. One
  2. How close are you?
    1. Very, but not by choice — they’re kind of hard to avoid
    2. I’m close to some of my siblings, but not that close to others
    3. We know way too much about one another
    4. Not as close as we once were
    5. Very close — we’d do anything for one another
  3. How similar are you?
    1. We get mixed up all the time
    2. We are the same person
    3. We hang out with the same people
    4. Polar opposites — we might as well not even be siblings
    5. We’re into different things, but we have the same mentality
  4. What do you fight about the most?
    1. “WHO TOOK MY STUFF?!”
    2. Who gets more attention
    3. Dating one another’s friends
    4. Moral debates
    5. Being overprotective of one another
  5. What do you like most about one another?
    1. We always have one another’s back
    2. Being able to share clothes
    3. Being able to give one another advice
    4. Keeping one another’s lives interesting
    5. How much we care about one another
  6. Do your parents have a favorite?
    1. Nope! They’ve always managed to love us all equally
    2. Clearly, but they’d never admit it
    3. Probably not — we’re too different to compare
    4. We always disagree about this
    5. No
  7. Favorite thing about growing up together?
    1. There was never a dull moment
    2. There was always someone to look up to
    3. Laughing at one another’s embarrassing moments
    4. Healthy competition
    5. Always taking care of one another
  8. Best thing you learned from one another?
    1. How to be selfless and humble
    2. Fashion advice
    3. How to be less socially awkward
    4. Patience
    5. How to stay strong for one another
  9. Is there anything you would change about your sibling(s)?
    1. I wish they gave me more space
    2. I wish we weren’t always compared to one another
    3. Sometimes they just need to GET. IT. TOGETHER.
    4. I wish they saw things my way
    5. Nothing, they’re amazing!
  10. What birthday gift are you most likely to receive from your sibling(s)?
    1. Hand-me-downs
    2. An Instagram post
    3. A surprise party with all of our friends
    4. Forgiveness
    5. A loving letter
    1. The Weasleys – You are the Weasley siblings from “Harry Potter”! Even though it’s hectic and hard to get some quiet time to yourself, you wouldn’t have it any other way. At least you’ll never be bored, right? You love how family-oriented you and your siblings are, and they’ll always be your No. 1 support system. Happy National Siblings Day!
    2. The Kardashians – You are the Kardashian sisters! Even though you have your unique traits, you are quite similar. Because of how often you’re compared with one another, sometimes you get a little competitive. But at the end of the day, no matter how annoying they get, they’re actually the ones who keep you sane. Happy National Siblings Day!
    3. Monica and Ross – You are Monica and Ross from “Friends”! You are so different from one another, but that’s good because you balance one another out. Because you excel in different areas, you’ve always helped one another out. You’re very involved in one another’s lives and probably always will be. Happy National Siblings Day!
    4. Thor and Loki – You are Marvel’s Thor and Loki! Like this hero-villain pair, you have very different ways of seeing life. You don’t see eye-to-eye on most things, so you tend to fight a lot. But you’ve got to admit that your life would be a lot less interesting without them. Happy National Siblings Day!
    5. Katniss and Primrose Everdeen – You are Katniss and Primrose from “The Hunger Games”! After everything you’ve been through together, you couldn’t be any closer. You always look out for one another, and you do your best to keep one another out of harm’s way. You keep one another strong and motivated. Happy National Siblings Day!


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APRIL 09, 2015