Picks of the Week

Jonathan Fleming/Creative Commons

Couldn’t afford Coachella tickets? Go celebrate the blossoming of cherries instead! The 48th annual Cherry Blossom Festival will occur over the next two weekends in San Francisco’s Japantown. Check out all the performances and exhibits that make this festival so well known — the best part is that most events are free!

— Nicole White


The linguistic tropes that drive contemporary social media are rarely examined in a serious manner and are even more rarely critiqued for their potential negative ramifications. In this article, Colson Whitehead posits that “in a world where the selfie has become our dominant art form, tautological phrases like ‘You do you’ and its tribe provide a philosophical scaffolding for our ever-­evolving, ever more complicated narcissism.”

Are these “tautophrases” the latest in macro-level defense mechanisms? Is narcissism necessarily related to popular semantics? Whether or not you agree with the ontological claims of this article, it thoroughly works through some interesting hypotheses and is a fun and interesting read.

— Zoe Kleinfeld


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