11 thoughts you had when Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy

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Hillary Clinton officially launched her election campaign April 12 with a show-stopping video that featured a range of middle class Americans for nine-tenths of the video, followed by her announcement that she’s going big for the presidency. It has brought forth a wide range of reactions, from updated profile pictures, cover photos and Instagram feeds with pictures of Clinton’s glare, to a public denouncement from the A-Z list of Republican senators on Twitter. We at the Clog are neither Clinton haters nor fangirls. For you, however, here are 11 thoughts you might’ve had, depending on if you’re so very ready for Clinton’s glorious hour or if this is news from hell for you.


  1. I was born #ready.
  2. Move aside, Ted and Jeb! Playtime is over, boys.
  3. Clinton is now officially the last person to know she’s running in the U.S. elections.
  4. Rand who?
  5. Chuck Yeager with the sound barrier, Clinton with that gender barrier.
  6. Would this make Bill Clinton our first first gentleman?
  7. Calculating the odds on if the Berkeley Forum can get her as a speaker next semester.
  8. So excited to paper up my dorm with pictures of Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits.
  9. “Game of Thrones” premiered this week and Clinton announced she’s running and 4/20 is next week — it’s basically liberal Christmas.
  10. Finally a president who could rep the color rainbow, moving past that blue (dress).
  11. If I wanted a male government in my womb, I’d sleep with a senator.


  1. Never would’ve guessed. Ever.
  2. Wait, is former ambassador Chris Stevens available for commentary?
  3. The last time I heard about her foreign policy cornerstone “The Pivot to Asia,” I wasn’t even in high school.
  4. She’s spent more time anticipating her campaign since ’09 than she’ll ever spend in office.
  5. If her ability to organize private emails is any indicator of how she’ll organize the government …
  6. Time to hit the home, Clinton — retirement age in the United States is only five months away for you!
  7. Ugh, my Facebook newsfeed just got so nauseating.
  8. Ugh, my professors are going to be beside themselves with glee.
  9. Damn it, I might actually have to join the Berkeley College Republicans now.
  10. Wouldn’t it be so awkward if she lost the Democratic primary (again)?
  11. “I deeply care about the political opinions of the people I went to high school with on social media.” — no one ever

Image Source: East-West Center under Creative Commons.

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