13 haikus for National Haiku Day

Happy National Haiku Day! Yes, the day we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: the day we get to use the oh-so-simple three lines and 17 syllables to express our deepest thoughts and feelings. We at the Clog thought we’d share our own haikus about the life and times of UC Berkeley students. Enjoy our interpretations, and let them inspire you to write your own to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday. Happy haiku-ing!


Wake up at 7,
Wished I were in the heavens
Rather than physics.
Now I say “hella”
Because I go to Berkeley,
And I am ashamed.
Too much Crossroads sucks.
Eat at Asian Ghetto now.
Food is wonderful.
Four years have now passed,
Walking and climbing the hills.
Still endurance lacks.
Condoms in the shelves,
Berkeley goggles fastened tight,
Sex at all-time high.
Holy shit, today
I actually learned stuff
in class. OMG.
Walk ‘dem hills “erryday.”
My calf muscles keep growing.
Berkeley makes me fit.
Summer, please come fast.
Rescue me from these finals.
Carry me away.
Today was so hot
That my back sweat a lot as

I walked to Evans.
What to write about?
This plagues me more than you know,
But I love it so.
Midterm season means
I never sleep anymore.
Give me coffee please.
Sunshine and squirrels:
Best combination for the glade,
Plus fro-yo and friends.
I would get homesick,

But that doesn’t happen now
‘Cause Cal is home, too.

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