Fashion Fridays: Keep it simple, smartie!

A quick glance around campus shows that plenty of us know how to be bold at Berkeley. But subtlety can sometimes impart the ultimate coolness. This week, we found some students who embodied the effortless look in casual neutrals. Low-key colors of blue, cream, and grey reflected the laid back, collected attitudes we all aspire to maintain.


Week 3-9

A prospective student spotted in ladybug shades and a denim jacket.


Sawhel Maali

Week 3-10

Sawhel poses in a striped blue crop top, velvet leggings, and oxford boots.


André Luu

Week 3-11

“My favorite thing to wear everyday is a giant smile!”


Adrienne Han

Week 3-1
“I like a muted palate, but functional. And ideally I try to avoid wardrobe malfunctions.”


Rachel Chin

Week 3-2
Rachel tables on Sproul in sporty patterned shorts and crop top.


Kamilla Medboen

Week 3-3

Kamilla wears an A&F tank top, Birkenstocks, and a Michael Kors bag.


Carlota Salvador Megial

Week 3-4

Carlota keeps it cool in slouchy pants and a tucked-in V-neck.


Rachel Marcus

Week 3-5 Week 3-6

Rachel accents her head-to-toe black & white polka dots with cherry-colored lipstick and watch.


Maria Anda Vangen

Week 3-7

DC: “What would you say your style is?”
Maria: “Kinda chill.”

Sarah Goldwasser covers fashion. Contact her at [email protected].