Tips for prospective students on Cal Day

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As a newly admitted high school senior visiting UC Berkeley, you are bound to make many newbie mistakes (as we all have). Here are some tips on how to do your first trip to your future home the right way!


1. Download YikYak to peruse the inner consciousnesses of UC Berkeley students.


2. Wear comfortable shoes, not your cute new sandals.


3. Obviously, you must try CREAM and Top Dog. It is a requirement for your first visit to UC Berkeley!

4. Engage in a conversation with a homeless man … preferably not in front of your parents.

5. Bring a jacket, because as sunny as it may appear, the moment you step into a shady spot, you will freeze.


6. Check out frat row. (Perhaps leave your parents behind for this one, too.)


7. Grab coffee and a pastry at Caffe Strada! Enjoy the beautiful environment and the views of frantic, stressed college students all around.

8. Explore People’s Park. It’s fun. We promise.

9. Check out T-shirt Orgy for some cool UC Berkeley gear!


10. Of course you have to take a cheesy, bright-eyed, bushy tailed freshman picture in front of the Campanile and post it on Instagram.

Congrats on your admission — and go, Bears!

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