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UC Berkeley Cal Day Issue: Editor's Note

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APRIL 18, 2015

You’re standing on the threshold of history. UC Berkeley has a magnificent past, a thriving present and an inspiring future, and you are here to have a taste of what your future has in store for you. Welcome! From the famous Free Speech Movement in 1964 to research in 2015 on designing 3-D cool bricks that could potentially replace air-conditioning systems, UC Berkeley is a university that holds more than just students — it holds leaders.

UC Berkeley will give you opportunities to thrive and become who you are meant to be. It will challenge you, and it will give you a community that will encourage you to reach your highest potential.

You will be surrounded by thousands of voices throughout your time here, and every day, you will find your own voice getting stronger on this campus. UC Berkeley encourages you to follow your own passions and immerse yourself in new experiences and ideas. Enjoy your Cal Day because soon enough, you will be the one looking back on the day you stepped onto this bustling, sometimes crazy campus and made it yours.

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APRIL 18, 2015