Drinking done right

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With classes coming to an end soon and summer quickly approaching, your weekday drinking may increase because there’s no 8 a.m. class for you to feel guilty about showing up hungover for or just completely skipping. The Clog has constructed an updated list of day-of-the-week drinking titles to make sure that your caption game is as strong as the drink you’re having.

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Mason Jar Monday: Be hipster and put your handcrafted mixed drinks in a Mason jar. Extra points if you get really artsy with your drinks and add extra fruit. It is a Monday after all, so don’t feel pressured to actually drink the drink you make, just Instagramming it is sufficient. Or just sip for every 10 likes you get.

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Tropical Tuesday: Bonus points if your drink contains tequila! When you’re out only order drinks that remind you of beach vacations such as mai tais or pina coladas.

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Whiskey Wednesday:
 Giving up Wine Wednesday for Whiskey Wednesday is a bold move, but Eureka on Center Street is a perfect and classy place to branch out. This restaurant/bar pairs artisan drinks with a full dinner menu. Eureka is especially known for their burgers.

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Thirsty Thursday: 
This day is too classic to change. As long as you’re drinking the Clog approves.

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Fishbowl Friday: 
Kip’s fishbowls shared with friends are a must for Fridays, even though the color of whatever they put into the fishbowls is a slightly concerning hue.

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Sangria Saturday: 
Get cultural with your drinking! While red wine sangria is traditional, if you make the sangria yourself, you can choose your own flavor combinations! The basics for sangria include wine, sliced fruit, a sweetener (fruit juice, sugar or triple sec) and soda for spritz.

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Sparkling Sunday:  Don’t let your Sundays be dull! Help them shine with cocktails such as Sparkling Strawberry-Mint.


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