Earth Day date ideas

Although not usually considered a romantic holiday, Earth Day is a great opportunity to show your sensitive and sustainable side to potential new S.O.’s. Here are a few tips to help win over any tree hugger this Earth Day.

  1.     Go to an Earth Day festival

Seeing as we live in the Bay Area (a.k.a. the tree hugger capital of the world), there are lots of celebrations of Earth Day all around us. Take a prospective bae to Earth Day SF and learn about sustainable practices from activists and sprouting sustainable business in the Bay Area — it may help you sustain a relationship as well. Or munch on vegan goodies at Berkeley’s own Vegan Earth Day.

  1.     Eat at a sustainable restaurant (bonus points if it’s a vegetarian or vegan restaurant)

As we know, Berkeley is a major hub of the sustainable food movement, thanks to Chez Panisse’s founding chef Alice Waters. Take a walk Downtown and check out one of the many vegetarian, vegan or farm-to-plate restaurants Berkeley has to offer. Some good options are Gather, Venus Restaurant and Herbivore.

  1.     Plant a tree!

Get your hands dirty with your S.O. and have a good time while helping reduce your footprint. To find cheap trees to plant and help on how to plant a tree, check out

  1.     Do something outdoorsy

Take a hike on the Fire Trails, go for a bike ride, go camping — there are countless opportunities to spend your Earth Day outside with your new more-than-friend.

  1.     Volunteer

Show your potential lover that not only are you amazingly intelligent and attractive, but you’re also a giver. There are many options including cleaning up the Bay with bae, gardening and harvesting romance or teaching kids about sustainability.

Image source: Steve Jurvetson


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