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APRIL 22, 2015

It’s almost bathing suit season, a.k.a. summer, and if you want to look as good we did in our tankinis (pictured below), the first thing you’ll need is confidence. Now, if you want to be fit and healthy but don’t want to exercise alone, then check out these fun activities you can do to stay fit and stay social.


Quite possibly the most obvious form of group exercise, hiking allows you to not only explore the wonderful hills that surround us here at UC Berkeley, but it is also super easy to do with other people. The Fire Trails have a wide-enough path that you can fit your whole posse, and the breathtaking views can give you prime Instagram photos to prove you even went.


Zumba is more about watching the instructor than actually dancing, but it is still worth your time. Bring as many people as you want, and take the hike down to the RSF and dance the night away (a la J. Lo and Pitbull).

Aqua jogging

This is exactly what the name suggests: running underwater. This is much harder than it sounds, and you might be too out of breath to actually talk to the person you went with, but it is worth a shot. If you are at the RSF for Zumba anyway, you might as well try aqua jogging as a cool down.


Doing yoga itself might not be the most social of activities, but the experience of getting to the class and possibly stopping by Caffe Strada on your way back makes this an activity fit for a group. Practice touching your toes and getting toned with some pals (preferably ones who are just as inflexible as you are).


The weight room can be intimidating for first timers, and so it helps to bring someone along with you. Strut into that weight room, and nobody will want to mess with you. You also need a spotter, too, and who better than a close friend who also wants to get fit?

Cal men’s crew

This is a great team sport. You work closely with other people, and you will form strong friendships while also getting those buff arms. Another perk of doing Cal men’s crew? Getting a Gatorade water bottle!

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APRIL 21, 2015