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How to: Deal with unwanted furniture

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APRIL 28, 2015

As the move-out period hits us here at UC Berkeley, this is probably the last thing you want to think about. What are you going to do with that coffee table that’s too short to function as a desk, but too tall to be your dining table? How about the mattress that’s absolutely disgusting by now and way too heavy to move anywhere? We know it can be difficult to consider these pressing matters amid midterms, finals and papers — so here are some ideas as to how you can get rid of your unwanted furniture.

1. Sell it

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This is the obvious solution. It not only effectively gets rid of the item for you, but also allows you to get money out of it. Who doesn’t need money in their college years? From the Free & For Sale Facebook group for UC Berkeley students to Craigslist, there are many ways to sell off your unwanted furniture.

2. Repurpose it

Carli Baker/Staff
Carli Baker/Staff

Some furniture, however, is maybe too wrecked to sell for money. That table you used one too many times for beer pong, or the microwave that no longer heats anything up for longer than 30 seconds? Yep. For these items, find a different use. Maybe the coffee table that has only three legs can be sawed up and made into firewood for a s’mores night with your buddies. Perhaps you could use the fridge that leaks as a nightstand instead. This is the time to really let those creative juices flow.

3. Break it

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We know this is a stressful time and that you might be finding it difficult to deal with all your anger and frustration with predictably failing grades in all your classes. As we said earlier this semester, don’t flip a shit — flip a table! Take that old lamp that barely works anymore and kick it around. Get all your anger out. It’s certainly easier than going to a therapist.

4. Donate it


Some furniture is still completely usable, and much of the homeless population (which is, by the way, booming in Berkeley) is in constant need of anything that could help them find shelter and maintain it. In fact, many homeless shelters that help the homeless transition to a living space find that the biggest need is for household items. If you have the time and the ability, donating your used furniture is the most charitable way to recycle it for a good cause.

5. Leave it on the curb

Of course, everyone is aware of this sometimes effective method — simply dispose of your furniture on the street for someone else to deal with if they want it for free. While everyone knows of this popular solution, we at the Clog wanted to say a few words of precaution — please make sure your furniture is on the sidewalks, not in the actual street, as it then becomes a traffic hazard and it’s definitely no fun to deal with a car crash right outside your window. And please, make sure you remove any evidence on the item that you once owned it. If someone discovers a defect in what you’ve left them and sees a name etched into it, they are for sure going to track you down via bMail.

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APRIL 28, 2015