Top UC Berkeley Internet searches

The Daily Clog has decided to track the top Internet searches coming out of the UC Berkeley area to see the various reactions students and faculty have had to major events. The following is a tabulated list of the most searched terms, phrases and questions surrounding the major events of the spring semester:


First day of instruction

1. How long is the spring semester?

2. UC Berkeley professors with Wikipedia pages

3. “Makes Me Wonder” Maroon 5


Vernal (spring) equinox

1. Student Scarf Collective

2. Pollen or school allergies?

3. “Daylight” Maroon 5


St. Paddy’s Day

1. What is the fractional cut-off to being Irish?

2. Guinness or Shamrock Shakes

3. Did the Irish invent parades?


Spring break

1. Is it break if I have midterms the next week?

2. “Never Gonna Leave This Bed” Maroon 5

3. Help I saw my friend’s mom on Tinder


March Madness

1. Can I submit a well thought out bracket instead of a paper?

2. What if most experts agree on my picks?

3. How to save your semester


ASUC elections

1. “Nothing Lasts Forever” Maroon 5

2.  Is EAVP an ASUC position?

3. Who is the guy on Sproul that wears a king’s robe?


Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign announcement

1. “She Will Be Loved” Maroon 5

2. Anything newsworthy

3. Pantsuits


Cal Day

1. Can I get a day’s calories from beer?

2. “Maps” Maroon 5

3. How to redirect conversations with parents


Holi Festival of Colors

1. Powder sellers (not cocaine!)

2. My roommate stained my sheets

3. Broken washing machine

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