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UC Berkeley etiquette: Finding a seat

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APRIL 28, 2015

With more than 30,000 students and a limited number of chairs, there are bound to be some awkward encounters when trying to find a seat here on the UC Berkeley campus. Whether it’s in class or at a cafe, there are certain rules of etiquette that you should follow. The main thing when it comes to seating etiquette is respect — be considerate of other people around you and maybe more importantly, don’t be a creeper.

Stanley Hall. Desiree Diaz/Staff

1. Lecture leeches

DO NOT sit right next to someone in lecture that you don’t know if there are a bunch of seats open. We all want some personal space and armrests to snooze on. This is totally cool to do if you’re friends with the person, or if you’re in a completely full room or lecture hall. But if not, even if you want to make friends with that girl with the cool water bottle, leave a seat in between you. It’s less pushy that way, and besides, she doesn’t need your Crossroads breath in her face and you don’t need hers.


2. Cafe courtesy

It’s totally O.K. to share a table with someone at a cafe, if the place is packed. We understand that it’s finals time, so cafes and libraries will be filled to the max, but just remember, the idea is personal space. Don’t sit close enough to see what they’re doing on their laptop. Sit across from them. This is a normal student thing to do, but if you feel uncomfortable about going for it, just ask them if they mind.


3. Food fumbles

So you’re going to be “that person” today, huh? Bringing a full-on meal into class — we’ve all probably been there at some point or another. But there is etiquette to consider. DO NOT sit right next to someone in lecture if you’re eating lunch. That pad Thai from Thai Basil will stink up the joint, and that poor soul next to you will get distracted. At least have the courtesy to ask people around you if they mind. No one wants to sit in a full 400+ student lecture hall, without air conditioning and your food’s smell lingering around the room.


Image Source: Featured Image under Creative Commons, Pockafwye under Creative Commons

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APRIL 27, 2015