ASUC Senate creates Greek Opportunity Grant, amends elections bylaws with newly passed bills

At their last official regular senate meeting Wednesday night, the ASUC Senate passed the budget for the 2015-16 academic year, along with three bills pertaining to the Greek Opportunity Fund, ASUC election bylaws and a memorandum of understanding, or MOU, between UC Berkeley and the ASUC regarding the Lower Sproul Redevelopment Project.

SB-71, which passed unanimously, divides the Greek Opportunity Fund equally among the four Greek councils on campus and grants chapters different amounts of funding according to their collaboration efforts with other student organizations.

ASUC senator and academic affairs vice president-elect Melissa Hsu, one of the bill co-sponsors, said the finance committee originally cut the total Greek Opportunity Fund down from the previous $14,000 to $7,000. After further discussion by the senate, however, the total amount of the fund was raised to $10,000.

According to the bill, the $10,000 will be split equally between the Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Panhellenic Council. Any funds not distributed as of the last regular senate meeting before the academic spring recess will become available to all chapters that apply.

The bill also stated that if any event hosted by a Greek chapter is co-hosted with ASUC-sponsored student organizations that may otherwise not have participated, an additional $300 total may be allocated to the event.

SB-94, which also passed unanimously, will amend ASUC election bylaws for clarity. The bill, sponsored by senate vice chair and attorney general-designate Alek Klimek, proposed a set of new violations punishable by disqualification of candidates, including bribery of voters and submitting votes for other people.

In the past, two tech coordinators, each paid $1,000, were hired to work with the online voting system and the elections website. The new budget reduced the positions to one tech coordinator with a stipend of $250.

SB-83, the fourth and final memorandum of understanding between UC Berkeley and the ASUC regarding the Lower Sproul Redevelopment Project, confirmed the naming of four rooms after nondonors. The MOU also outlines different groups’ jurisdiction over campus spaces.

Room allocations and reservations are either addressed in the ASUC bylaws or will be addressed in room reservation policies, said Joe Wilson, chief communications officer and co-sponsor of the bill, in an email.

Wilson also said student groups will have access the space when construction is finished, set for the beginning of the fall semester.

The senate will meet one final time next Wednesday to discuss a bill that would approve the ASUC student organization credit card program.

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A previous version of this article stated that Alek Klimek amended the bill to make the online voting system the responsibility of the Elections Council chair. In fact, the online voting system has always been the responsibility of the Elections Council chair, who can delegate duties to staff.

A previous version of this article also stated that Klimek amended the bill to cut the elections tech coordinator positions. In fact, one tech coordinator position remains, with a reduced stipend.