ASUC Student Union Board passes policies for Lower Sproul

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The ASUC Student Union Board approved several policies regarding the new Lower Sproul project at its Wednesday meeting, including a vendor contract and rental and alcohol policies.

The Lower Sproul Redevelopment Project, which began in January 2013 with the closing of Eshleman Hall, is slated to finish by fall 2015 and intends to create a center for student life on campus.

The board moved forward with finalizing a contract for the Cal Student Store with BBA Solutions as the store’s main provider. According to ASUC Chief Communications Officer Joe Wilson, the contract has nearly been completed and saw minor changes in the appendix to guarantee revenue. The contract is expected to be completed within the next month, according to board undergraduate representative Ismael Contreras.

The board also set rental policy standards for different types of clients — students, campus departments and nonaffiliates — that would potentially use ASUC Student Union spaces.

Students can rent spaces with a standard setup, which includes tables, chairs, a basic sound system and a digital projector, for free. Campus departments must pay 50 percent of the off-campus or nonaffiliate rate. If two different types of groups are co-sponsoring an event, then the higher rate will be charged.

The board also discussed the possibility of renting out the Pauley Ballroom — currently closed off due to the construction on Lower Sproul — for class usage during the closure of Wheeler Hall, expected to last from May 2016 to January 2017, for renovations.

The Wheeler Hall Renewal Project aims to upgrade the building systems as well as implement new windows and restore roofing, according to campus real estate spokesperson Christine Shaff.

But Contreras expressed concerns over using the Student Union spaces for classes and how this would affect revenues for the union and limit student use of the spaces.

“The Lower Sproul complex was remodeled for the purposes of serving students with event space, and not the campus for classrooms,” Contreras said in an email. “I am cautious about the sort of precedent this will establish for the future.”

The board also passed a policy regulating alcohol consumption at events in the Student Union spaces. It established that alcoholic beverages bought for an event must be purchased from the Student Union’s exclusive caterer, Chartwells. In addition, all orders must be placed through the Student Union Event Services.

“The alcohol policy draws specific language from UCPD language related to alcohol consumption to ensure that these policies reflect current campus policy on alcohol serving and consumption,” Wilson said in an email.

Alcohol is only allowed at events hosted by graduate students, campus departments and nonaffiliates

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A previous version of this article stated that the board moved forward with finalizing a contract for the Cal Student Store with BBA Solutions and Amazon as the store’s main providers. In fact, the board moved forward with finalizing a contract with BBA Solutions as the store’s main provider.