How to prepare for moving out of your residence hall


As the semester comes to an end, and we sign our leases for apartments or move into our apartments, houses and co-ops, we face the struggle of having to move everything out of our residence halls. Is it too late for spring cleaning, or does this count? Here are a few ways you can make your life easier during finals week and prepare for the move-out.

Recycle your flyer collection.

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Remember all of those flyers you got from Caltopia and all the coupons for Pacific Cookie Company you never used? It’s time to let those go. We know, we know — what if you get the perfect chance to canoe for an hour after finals week, or what if you could still redeem that coupon that expired in December 2014? Let go. Just let go. There will be more Caltopias.

Donate unused clothing.

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Throughout the year, you might have collected many free T-shirts from organizations, spin-the-wheel prize-winning and more, which maybe means that those T-shirts have gone completely untouched. And if not that, some of the T-shirts you brought to school have been completely abandoned. Whatever the situation is, make sure you find a way to decrease the weight of your luggage and get rid of all the extra clothing. You can find many donation boxes around campus, or you could even sell to a thrift store!

Start taking down decorations.

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Are your residence hall room walls covered in old pictures from high school, pretty decals and posters of your favorite celebrities? This would be a good time to start making your wall empty again. It’s not like you’ll really be spending time in your room for the next few weeks anyway, except to sleep — libraries and cafes will be your calling.

Empty your refrigerator.

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The leftover Chinese food, pints of ice cream and root beers won’t consume themselves. For everyone who rented a fridge and microwave unit, it is required to clean them out before moving out. How can you legitimately clean them if you don’t finish all the food first? Not to mention, eating is the perfect way to procrastinate.



You probably don’t know this, but the security monitors actually have vacuums that you can use to clean your room. Yep, cleaning. That’s still a thing. Before move-out, it’s required to vacuum your floor, and we recommend you beat the rush by doing so at least by the beginning of finals week. The vacuum will have disappeared by Friday.

Image Sources: John Liu via Creative Commons

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