5 ways to not actually study during dead week

Ah, the last Friday of classes. As the day quickly approaches, students prepare themselves for a long week of hard work, studying and preparing for finals. Such is the inevitable nature of dead week …

… kind of.

In reality, very little actual studying occurs before at least the Monday of dead week. With the start of May, the inevitably perfect weather and a long semester behind us, we UC Berkeley students are simply too stir-crazy to actually be expected to be productive. Before we buckle down and study, many students enjoy a weekend of sunshine, sleep and fun. We’ve pretty much earned it.

If you’re looking for ways to put off your dead week studying this weekend but aren’t really sure what to do, look no further! We at the Clog have tons of ideas about how you can procrastinate to the fullest, both in and out of Berkeley.

1. Spend a day in San Francisco.


We’re very lucky as UC Berkeley students to be living just a BART ride away from one of the most unique and vibrant cities in the world. Because it is relatively compact, so close to Berkeley and public-transportation-friendly, the City by the Bay is a perfect day-trip destination for all of your nonstudying needs. As far as where to go in San Francisco, it’s not like there’s a shortage of options. Walk around the Mission District before grabbing lunch at an adorable hipster cafe and enjoying it at Dolores Park. Head over to the California Academy of Sciences for a day of fun, non-UC Berkeley learning. Go shopping in Union Square. Spend the day wandering around North Beach, Chinatown or Haight-Ashbury. See if you can nab nosebleed tickets to a Giants game. Honestly, you could very easily waste your entire dead week here, should you feel so inclined.

2. Go on all the hikes.


What better way to enjoy a beautiful, study-free weekend in Berkeley than with a panoramic view? With the beautiful May weather and the Berkeley fire trails at your fingertips, there’s tons to do for any adventure seekers out there. Have you always wanted to hike up to the Big C but never done it? There’s no better time. Want to wander a little further from campus? Try heading up to Tilden Park and exploring up there. Whether you’re looking for the trek or the photo-op, Berkeley can provide.

3. Take a day trip to somewhere exciting.


The best part of living in the Bay Area is how much there is to do within an hour or two of campus. Grab that friend of yours who brought his or her car to campus, promise to buy him Late Night, and jet off to somewhere fun. A drive to the beaches and boardwalk in Santa Cruz is about two hours, and the beaches of Half Moon Bay are even closer. If the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk sounds fun, but you’re not sure you want to drive that far, head just about an hour south to California’s Great America in Santa Clara, or drive 40 minutes north to check out Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo. Get some friends together to check out Sky High in Concord, or go ice skating in downtown Oakland. There are always tons of unique and exciting things to do if you need something that feels as little like school as possible.

4. Head to the pool.


What better way to enjoy a self-proclaimed day off than to hang by the pool? This campus has tons of places to go if you want to dive in. If you live near Clark Kerr, the Golden Bear Pool is easily accessible. Should you want to bring your pool day to campus, we recommend Spieker Pool by the Recreational Sports Facility or the rooftop pool at Hearst Gym. For those who live on the eastern side of campus, the pool at Strawberry Canyon is always a great option. If you really want to spend a day forgetting that it isn’t yet summer, a poolside afternoon might be the way to go.

5. Turn the campus into your playground.


With a creative mind, you can have an insane amount of unproductive fun without ever leaving campus. If you lack a car or just don’t feel like running off to anywhere new, see what kind of fun you can get to right here at UC Berkeley. Challenge your floormates to a water balloon fight on Memorial Glade. See if you can go “sledding” down 4.0 Hill. Send your friends on a mad scavenger hunt across campus. Set up a Slip ‘N Slide on Faculty Glade. If you’re creative, you can have an amazing time and end the school year with some awesome stories about that one time you did that insane thing on campus.


Image Sources: Andrés Nieto PorrasMarkus Spiering, Such A Groke, Martin Davidsson, Connie Ma under Creative Commons