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Haley Williams/Senior Staff

Cinco de Mayo is coming to the Bay Area early this year! The 2015 SF Cinco de Mayo Festival will be held on Saturday May 2 in the Mission District. This is a family-friendly event that brings out thousands each year. There will be amazing food, vendors, and performances throughout the day. Stop by and be part of the Bay Area’s biggest Cinco de Mayo celebration!

-Nicole White


Every few years, The New York Times hosts an essay contest for college students on “Modern Love.” In her winning essay, Jordana Narin grappled to understand how connections—based on definition—alter our interpretation of feelings. Sure, she deservedly won the contest. But, more importantly, she raised some vital questions. The way I see it: someone young believes in love and wrote about it and for that reason this is an important article.

-Zoe Kleinfeld

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