20 reasons your floormates are the best people

Desiree Diaz/File

When you walk into your dorm on move-in day, you’re friendless, scared and nervous. You think to yourself, “How am I ever going to fit in? How am I going to make friends?” when all of the sudden, people start knocking on your door and introducing themselves. You go to dinner, chat and form a relationship that continues to build for the rest of the year, from conversations over homework and dinner and a few you don’t quite remember. As the semester comes to an end, you start to realize that these people you have spent almost every day with for the past 10 months will no longer live right next door to you. Because of this, we at the Clog are reminiscing about what makes our floormates our favorite people.

  1. They hung out with you when you were wearing your pajamas.
  2. You can tell them to leave you alone, and they know it’s not because you don’t like them.
  3. They’re constantly around, so you know them better than anyone else.
  4. There’s always a solid group to play Cards Against Humanity with.
  5. You can always count on them to swipe you in at Crossroads when you forgot your Cal 1 Card.
  6. You can’t not be close with someone you’ve pooped next to.
  7. Pretty much every boundary has been broken down.
  8. They’ve seen you at the end of rough nights and still accept you.
  9. There aren’t any cliques when you’re all together.
  10. They were effectively your family for 10 months.
  11. They watched and helped mold your growth freshman year.
  12. They’ve all acted like your parent, your significant other, your best friend or your sibling at times.
  13. You might have committed “floor-cest” a few times, but they still talk to you.
  14. You know all of their ambitions, and they know all of yours, and everyone supports one another.
  15. When you posted, “Does anyone have any Nutella?” in your floor Facebook page, someone brought you Nutella.
  16. They’ve probably seen you throw up but still think of you as a person.
  17. They threw you a surprise birthday party.
  18. Floor Secret Santa
  19. They let you use their microwaves.
  20. Floor movie nights

Image Source: Desiree Diaz

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