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Which Berkeley street are you?

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MAY 04, 2015

We have a quiz to tell you what you’ve always wanted to know: which Berkeley street you would be. Take our quiz and find out if you’d really be the street you’re living on, a street near campus or one of the big names. Good luck!


  1. If you could have only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    1. Pizza
    2. Ice cream
    3. Fruit
    4. Egg rolls
    5. Starbucks
    6. Soup
    7. Sushi
  2. What type of car would you be?
    1. A bicycle (you care about the environment)
    2. Red Prius
    3. Honda Civic Hybrid
    4. Volkswagen van
    5. Subaru
    6. Toyota Land Cruiser
    7. Audi
  3. What is your ideal job?
    1. An antique shop owner
    2. Manager of a posh boutique
    3. Librarian
    4. Writer
    5. Chef
    6. Tattoo artist
    7. Organic farmer
  4. Your friend is a senior in high school. He or she is choosing between UC Berkeley and “Stanfurd.” You can show her only one thing in Berkeley. What do you do to show her around?
    1. Hop on the 51B and explore
    2. Take her out to a nice dinner and have some ice cream for dessert
    3. Walk her through campus
    4. Take a hike on the Berkeley fire trails
    5. Take her to a nice cafe on Northside
    6. Go shopping
    7. Take her down to the Marina and show her all that Berkeley has to offer
  5. What is your favorite student-run newspaper?
    1. Daily Cal
    2. Daily Cal
    3. Daily Cal
    4. Daily Cal
    5. Daily Cal
    6. Daily Cal
    7. Daily Cal
    1. telegraphTelegraph Avenue: You are definitely the main attraction. You have quite the reputation around town for being, shall we say, unique. You pride yourself on your bold fashion statements and even more bold perfumes.
    2. elmwood_jtanjiCollege Avenue: You are the epitome of class. You are clean, poised, elegant and graceful. People look up to you and aspire to be you one day. You kill it at interviews. And yet, for all the confidence and maturity you exude, you are still approachable and nice.
    3. bancroft_ahayatBancroft Way: You are a central part of any friend group. You always have ideas about what to do next when it comes to weekend adventures. While you like to have fun, you also know the importance of hard work, so during the week, you are often found studying on campus.
    4. Whole Foods TelegraphAshby Avenue: Most likely one of the more distant members of a friend group, you are nonetheless important. You are quiet, but once people get to know you and once you let people get to know you, they can’t get enough.
    5. ShattuckCinemas_bshenoudaShattuck Avenue: You are all about food and fun. Your ideal night would be watching TV and having dinner with some good friends. You are the life of the party.
    6. Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 4.55.43 PMUniversity Avenue: You are like the bad boys with the good souls in all the romance movies. You might have an off-putting exterior, but underneath it all, you have a lot to offer.
    7. fourth-street-marketFourth Street: You are bougie, and you own it. You always have great stories to tell about all of your wonderful travels and all the excitement in your life. You never cease to amaze those around you.


Image Source: Daniel Parks under Creative Commons

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MAY 04, 2015