Which tequila recipe are you?

Eric Driggers/Creative Commons

If you’re planning to celebrate Cinco de Mayo but want to prepare something beyond just a basic margarita, this quiz is for you! We at the Clog have compiled the best recipes for tequila-related food and drinks for a variety of personality types.

  1. How much work do you have to do during dead week?
    1. Eh, it’s manageable.
    2. People do work during dead week?
    3. I’m not leaving my table at Main Stacks. Goodbye, world.
    4. A lot, but I love taking study breaks.
  2. How much do you actually like tequila?
    1. Ew, no.
    2. I love it — I celebrate Tequila Tuesday religiously.
    3. Margaritas are cool.
    4.  I liked it before that one night …
  3. Which is your favorite Berkeley bar?
    1. East Bay Spice Co.
    2. Pappy’s
    3. Triple Rock
    4. Kips
  4. Pick a squirrel.
    1. tree squirrel
    2. evil squirrel
    3. cal squirrel
    4. squirrels
  5. How good are you at cooking?
    1. I should have my own reality cooking show.
    2. I can microwave things. That counts, right?
    3. I’m OK … I haven’t starved yet, and the semester is almost over.
    4. What is cooking? Crossroads does that for me.
  6. If you had to eat one food for an entire week, it would be?
    1. Dessert every day, all day!
    2. Can I just go on a week-long juice cleanse instead?
    3. Something healthy and organic, such as a salad.
    4. Fro-yo … Menchie’s is my second home.
    1. Tequila cupcake: Staying de-stressed with finals coming up is crucial, and baking is your idea of relaxing. Also, this dessert is classy and perfect for Instagram! If you’re not the biggest fan of tequila, just don’t eat the icing.
    2. Shot: Shots are perfect for you. No cooking required, and you genuinely enjoy tequila. Hopefully this quiz will allow you to find others who share your love of tequila, because taking tequila shots alone is sad.
    3. Salad with tequila-lime dressing: You’re excited to learn that you can still celebrate without throwing off your study schedule and in a healthy way! This salad is also an acceptable food item to sneak into the library.
    4. Tequila-lime sorbet: This is your dream come true. You can enjoy it in the sunshine on Memorial Glade, then head back to the library and still be able to focus! It might even be better than fro-yo. Maybe you can even persuade Ici to add this to its menu and hire you so that it won’t even matter how well you do on your finals.

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