7 ways to procrastinate before studying for finals

Female student sleeping on sofa

If you are in dire need of ways to distract yourself from studying for finals, you are not alone. In fact, we have got you covered on several “productive” ways to procrastinate that you may not have even thought of. If we are going to avoid studying, we might as well benefit from it one way or another.

1. Taking longer showers

In times of sadness or in times of distress, long showers seem to solve everything. The heat and humidity of the shower is exactly what you need in order to untangle the knots in your brain that you’ve gotten from five hours of nonstop studying. Though the showers do help, make sure not to stay in there for too long, or someone might suspect that you’re doing something besides enlightening yourself with statistics …

2. Flossing

Being in college means there are many nights that your mouth should just be thankful you didn’t fall asleep before brushing your teeth. That extra step of flossing cannot be incorporated into your busy everyday schedule. As soon as dead week and finals week arrive, however, flossing for two minutes becomes the preferred activity over cramming your head with more information. Those finals might just be the reason your dentist will be making less money off you.

3. “Nesting” in preparation for studying

As comfortable as that couch in the lounge seemed when you were hanging out with your friends a couple of days ago, it no longer is when you have 60 pages of reading to do by tomorrow. So you bring out the blanket and pillow, make yourself a cup of tea and go to Bear Market to get a couple of snacks in order to ensure that your productivity will be maximized through comfort. In the time it took you to create your perfect “nest,” however, you could have already read 10 pages of your textbook.

4. Doing the insignificant homework first

As insignificant as some homework assignments seem, they still need to be done. With the time it costs to do those assignments, however, you may be better off speed-reading the reader for a class you’ve never attended. But as long as those small homework assignments exist, you can justify doing them first.

5. Going to review sessions to avoid studying

Reviews never seem to do it for you, and you are way better off cramming on your own. But your brain needs a break, and the only way for you to put your brain to rest and still feel productive is to go to a review. You might even absorb useful information while you’re dozing off — who knows?

6. Updating your social media bios

Whether it is your favorite quote on your Facebook “About” page or the emojis used on your Instagram bio, all of them just seem so last month. You are over the “Mean Girls” quote, and you can’t have any of your potential stalkers think that you lack depth, especially during finals.

7. Cleaning your room

Your room seems to have become annoyingly messy as soon as you have work to do. How disorganized your drawers are never seems to have bothered you before, but as soon as test seasons hit, your OCD hits as well. You may need to study for those tests, but those drawers aren’t going to clean themselves.

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