In case you missed it: Naked Run spring 2015

Gracie Malley/File

At 9 p.m. Thursday night, students in Main Stacks were putting it all out there — and we don’t mean their studies. As per tradition, started by the Lothlorien co-op, students ran naked through the campus library to provide a little bit of comic relief and a rush of adrenaline to the dreary scene of the overcrowded library during dead week.

As we walked toward Main Stacks a little before 9, a large mob of giddy students was entering the library, with anticipation of the streaking extravaganza noticeably buzzing. Once the students entered, clothes came off, and masks, wigs and capes came on. Their excitement spread to the studying crowd, which took a break to update Snapchat stories.

Lap after lap of flailing genitalia ended in a mosh pit of nakedness, accompanied by a chanting of: “Take off your clothes! Take off your clothes!” as well as whooping and laughter. All in all, it was a great way to pull ourselves out of the monotony of studying and remind us that UC Berkeley offers more than just top-notch education.

We’ve collected some of our favorite tweets about the event:


Photos previously attached to this article mistakenly pictured previous semesters’ naked runs, not this spring’s naked run.