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MAY 08, 2015

Soon, the last two weeks will flash across the calendar, and it will be time to embrace the summer vacation and return to home sweet home. Before you dive into the state of studying at the library 24/7, you may want to take a minute to think of your plan after finals. Let the Clog provide some practical suggestions for you.

Start packing up clothes that aren’t warm-weather appropriate

You don’t need to worry about the temperature difference between inside the library and outside. Although sometimes a cardigan is still necessary, feel free to don your cool and flimsy dresses. Light blue, pink and yellow are classic color choices for a hot summer and will help keep you feeling cool and refreshed. Just remember, don’t try floral tops with floral leggings — nobody likes clashing prints. Guys may want to put away their hoodies and try something bright and trendy. A pair of running shoes or sandals could be perfect accessories.

Things worth double-checking before moving out

  1. Is your lease paid for or subleased for the summer? Make sure your apartment for next year is all taken care if you plan on being out of Berkeley during the break.
  2. Check your Internet, water, electricity and gas. First of all, for safety reasons, if you don’t want your place burned down or flooded, make sure to shut off water, electricity and gas before leaving. Plus, if no one lives at your place, you can choose to turn off your Internet and other monthly auto-paying services in order to save money.
  3. Check your refrigerator. Empty almost everything from your refrigerator if its expiration date is not years long. You would be more than sad to find everything swamping in stinky, green mold when you return.
  4. Check your vehicles. If you don’t wish to see your car running out of electricity or simply worry about its engine, you can hand over your car key to someone who will stay here for summer. Let that person run your car a couple of times during the long break.
  5. Close all windows and lock the door.

Reflect on your semester

Set aside some time to think over your semester. Time flies, so please cherish every class, every semester at UC Berkeley. Think of your class performance and what aspect you could do better in the next semester or in your future career if you are graduating. Think of your relationships with friends, family and even instructors. In modern society, the significance of social relationships can’t be emphasized enough, and everyone is trying hard to look for a better balance between work and private time. Spend more time with your rapidly aging parents and grandparents, go back and take a look at the old place you grew up and return to yourself to think about what kind of person you want to be after college. Every end of the term is a good preparation for a new one.

Before leaving Berkeley, you can find a comfortable spot on campus and pick a favorite poem to read, finding inspiration in how the name of our school came from the poet George Berkeley and his line:
Westward the course of empire takes its way;
The first four Acts already past,
A fifth shall close the Drama with the day;
Time’s noblest offspring is the last.”

Image Source: Don McCullough under Creative Commons

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MAY 08, 2015