How to find Uber buddies

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As the last weekend of move-out draws closer and closer, we know what’s really on your mind — not the final for that class you haven’t been to in three months, and certainly not saying goodbye to all the new friends you made this year. Nope, the only issue that’s truly pervading your mind is how you’re going to Uber your way out of Berkeley the quickest and cheapest way you can. We get it. We understand. The most important part of this, of course, is lowering the cost of your trip. You’ve probably got the whole rushing-through-and-out-of-your-final part down. The easiest way to cut down on costs is to split the fare. Having a hard time finding friends who are heading to the San Francisco International Airport at the same time as you are? Here are some tips for you to find other options.

1. Post on the Free & For Sale Facebook group.

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The Facebook group Free & For Sale is really great for clothing, pets and really anything you ever could have wanted. Post the following: “Selling an amazing ride to the Oakland Airport with the best person in existence, yours truly.” Add a price: “very low” (if you take on half the fare — or more, if you’re feeling generous). Provide pick-up or delivery instructions (optional): “Come with a good attitude. If you could also bring Starbucks and a panini from Ramona’s, that would be awesome.” Describe your item: “If you are a poor college student, a kindred spirit or a non-Bay Area resident, this is the ride for you.”

2. Flyer on Sproul Plaza.

The clubs have basically quieted down at this point, so grab your chance while you can. Whether you make the flyers with Adobe Illustrator or crayons, just make sure you have lots of tiny slips of paper with your name, number and flight information on them. Now slab on that sunscreen and prepare yourself for a day under that beautiful green gate. The day is yours — now find that perfect ride buddy.

3. Email classmates through bCourses.

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There’s a reason you have access to every single one of your classmates’ full names and bMails on bCourses, and it’s emergency situations such as these. Send a cute little email to your classmates — they won’t mind that you’re spamming their inboxes as they send last-minute emails to their professors. And hey, maybe that cutie in your economics class will even respond.

4. Uber catfish — become a “driver.”

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Make yourself the driver instead of the client. This way, when it’s time for you to head off to the airport, just respond to anyone who requests your services and ask for a real driver to Uber the both of you. They won’t feel cheated or anything. And becoming an Uber driver is a super simple and fast process, of course.

5. Take BART instead.

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If these options tire you out as you’re reading them, better to give up now than when it’s too late. Take BART instead. You’ll certainly miss out on the luxury of a “non-luxury Sedan,” air conditioning and a fast ride, but did you really want to have to make polite conversation with strangers after your finals have drained all of your energy?

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