Power of the ‘like’: a note on social media mind games

Jason Howie Creative Commons/File

As college students, we constantly find ourselves procrastinating on our phones by perusing our classmates’ social media profiles and pictures, and occasionally posting. So you post a selfie on Instagram, and after constant scroll-downs to refresh your feed and see who liked it … there it is. Your crush just liked your picture. Countless questions run through your head. Does he or she like me? Is he or she playing with me? Should I text him or her? 

After sending a screenshot to your best friends, you collectively decide that the best next move is to “like” the next picture he or she posts. It’s not too eager, and it’s not too unresponsive.

Days pass. He or she posts a picture. You like it. More days pass. He or she likes your tweet. OK, so now he or she definitely wants you, right? You should totally text him or her, right?

Ladies and gentlemen, come on. Do not fall prey to this game. If he or she wants you, he or she will text you, and if you reciprocate, then you can just text him or her! Enough with the games, people.

This cyber game of “like” tag is getting ridiculous, and it is too confusing for both sexes. Make a move, or you will regret it later when you see his or her cute couple photo with someone else on Instagram. Don’t be afraid of rejection! This game of “liking” reciprocation gets old really quickly if no one makes more of an effort.

Image Source:Jason Howiemiscgifs.tumblr.comfillmyworldwithsillylovesongs.tumblr.comwildheartsneverfade.tumblr.comwww.funnyjunk.com

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