Some adorable animals to look at after finals

Hopi Hernandez/Staff

We all know what we really want right now: to snuggle up with warm baby animals and sleep forever. Now that your finals are finally over, seize the moment! As we near the end of finals week, we at the Clog want to distribute warm and fuzzy feelings to all UC Berkeley students. We know firsthand how hard you have worked and how much effort you have put in. To encourage you to keep pushing, here are some adorable animals for your enjoyment.

Kai Ridenoure/Senior Staff

This little guy is as lost as you are as to why your physics final had all those Greek letters.

Whatever! Who cares? Now’s the time for fun.

Except … you’re really tired.

You’ve basically gotten no sleep for the past two or three weeks.

Scratch that — you got no sleep all year!

So tell your friends to put the San Francisco trip on pause.

Media File

After a whole year of parading that UC Berkeley spirit, it’s finally time for some rest.

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All it will take is a brief moment of solace for you to fall asleep … forever.

So put your feet up, and just relax.


Wait. What about internships? What about summer jobs?


And looking ahead, it’s so scary! You feel so … old!


You just want to be a kid again.


It’ll all be OK, though. Just keep swimming. Things will all work out.


For now, tuck in and get some rest.

Happy end of finals! Keep pushing, and have a great summer!

Image Sources: bullcitydogs, Brianne Valentino, Niels Kliim, Trish Hamme, Olivia L’Estrange-Bell, Wayne Bierbaum, Nathan Rupert, Smithsonian’s National Zoo, Natalie Barletta, M Glasgow, qJake via Creative Commons

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